XV: A New Challenge on Every Horizon

“Hey Martin?” Lorenzo called from the office cubicle two spaces away.

Que?” Martin replied.

Lorenzo waved him over as he said, “Hey, come take a look at this.”

Martin began making his way towards his office, realizing it must be something important- perhaps pertaining to Dave’s untimely disappearance. When he was standing beside Lorenzo’s shoulder, he glanced at the computer screen before him.

What am I looking at?” He asked him. Lorenzo pointed to the bottom left corner of the screen, which was currently showing the Atmosphir Search browser for levels in their database.

So, I typed in Dave, just to see if I could find anything on him, and look.” Lorenzo clicked on a level image to blow up the size.

Jesus Christo…” Martin breathed as he saw the level screenshot, description, and author.

Dave Blockart, Help guys! I’m stuck in the game now! Can you find me? Please comment and play people! I had fun making this…, by Okaysamurai.”

Martin gasped. “So he’s really in there, isn’t he?” He asked Lorenzo.

He glanced behind his chair, making eye contact with Martin, and said, “Do you really need me to answer that? I think that was a bit rhetorical, don’t you?”


Dave was very uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable and cold. His project for the previous day had taken hours upon hours of thought, and had completely drained him afterward.

To think I actually made a new addendum to The Generator with that secluded level file… Didn’t know it was possible here, but it was worth a try…’ He thought as he leaned back and thought upon the toil and hardships yesterday had brought him. He’d had to not only outrun the evil crabs, which were most definitely not only territorial as they’d said in the past- they were pure evil- but he’d also had to create a level within this reality, as well as walk what seemed like hundreds of miles when his car finally broke down.

Well, that’s one car the dealership won’t be getting back.’ He thought unhappily as he pondered what he would do when the time came to explain why he’d lost it. ‘Yeah, sorry about the rental Camry. I kind of got sucked into an alternate reality and it ran out of gas so I had to abandon it in the middle of a desert- oh, after being chased by evil crabs for hundreds of miles. Yeah right.’ Nothing he could say would convince them, so he’d probably just fabricate some story and pay the two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine on it.

As his musings continued, Dave leaned back in the morning heat, with his raggedy sport coat wrapped around his face, and fell asleep in the sands…


Two Days Later…

Darin pulled the mouse across the screen. ‘My, my that creation is beautiful!’ He thought proudly to himself as he saw the dark monastery on the design epitaph before him. ‘I can’t believe it only took me three days and four hours of mountain dew, pretzels, and pizza to finish!’ He marveled at his creation and whistled at the enormity of the project, and thirty seven point seven percent capacity on it.

Suddenly, an update pop up showed on his screen. ‘Wow! MiST’s really working fast on these! The last was what, three weeks ago?’

Nonetheless, he clicked it. Five minutes later, he was in the midst of the new content. ‘Let’s see… Aphelions? Wow, they worked hard on these guys… Um, new alien enemies! Wow, a giant crab thing? Dang.’ As he glanced through the new additions, he went back to his citadel level and began adding some new hazards in.

Muhaha, these players are going to have an even harder time besting this expert level now! Between traps, puzzles, and enemies? They’ve no hope!’ With an evil smirk, the designer everyone knew only as Munchy365 clicked the upload button and took an epic screenshot of the level’s main gate.


Dave awoke. The sunlight was piercing through his eyelids as if by swordpoint. Painfully trying- unsuccessfully, to avoid the glare, he squinted around into the midday haze.

Where am I?’ He thought once more.

Suddenly, in the distance, he saw a looming and ominous citadel spire rising. ‘What-?’ He thought as he set off in it’s general direction. ‘It doesn’t look inviting, but maybe I can find food or shelter there…’ He stumbled along, muka baby clinging to his shoulder and cooing softly.

Revised Edition 7/2/13


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