XIV: Rips, Tears, and Realities

Another flashback had struck Dave as he had fitfully slept the night before. It had in reality actually been a pretty vivid nightmare. He’d been doing some of his usual explorations within ventures for possible LOTDs when he had been quite surprised at a discovery. Making his way through the cyrillic and industrial catacombs that were known as the Cirrusian Primary Reactor Core, Dave had been headed towards yet another puzzle on his way to the center, when disaster struck.

A partial section of the wall had collapsed onto an important looking computer panel, and then all Hades had broken loose!

Initiating meltdown of core seven.” A robotic voice had announced.

No! No, no!” Dave shouted as he began running in the opposite direction, just a a great ball of flame exploded behind him.

Continuing to run as the computer generated voice issued orders, Dave thought to himself, ‘Oh dear! This one’s gonna be a terrible mess!’ 

He ran for the distant exit from the death trap the factory had become.

Initiating major core overload in tee minus five, four, three, two-”

Dave awoke with a cry.

Ah!” He yelled as he looked around, gasping for breath and sweating profusely.

Well that was one horrible nightmare.’ He remarked silently to himself in his makeshift palm frond tent in a strange forest clearing.  ‘Wait, how did I come to be in this clearing?’ He thought. ‘I was last in a ruined Citadel, running for my life across some nasty hidden traps… How did I ever wind up here?’

As his thoughts carried him away once more, and he slowly relaxed, Dave was just about to drift off to sleep once more when a piercing shriek rent the air around him.

Caarrahkkk!” It sounded like some demon bird from Hell.

Whoa!’ Dave thought as he turned towards the sound. ‘What was that?’

He peered into the darkness. There was nothing out there, or so it seemed.

I don’t think I’m al-” Dave began to think as a pale talon suddenly lunged out of the darkness towards him.


Martin entered. “How’s Dave doing?” He asked the two men sitting by the bedside of the hospital gurney.

Their looks told him everything. “He will make it, right?” He asked again.

The one on the right replied, “Yes, but there could be some major scarring.”

Martin sighed. ‘Well, at least Dave survived.’ He thought.

The last three weeks had been a blur. They’d successfully delayed a Muka invasion from Cirrus, and were on the verge of shutting down the reactor database known as The Generator, with help from Lorenzo. Ashley was still missing, but they were hunting for her non-stop, hoping to find her somewhere within the game before they had to force-shut it down.

Well, at least you did what you had to do, Dave. Good job old buddy… We’ve almost won…’

He turned to leave. Before he did so, the doctor on the left said to him, “We’ll alert you to any changes in his condition, okay?”

Martin nodded, then walked out into the cool summer breeze.


2 weeks Previously…

Dave sighed. He was roaring down the road in his rented Camry, with some Red Hot Chili Peppers blasting really loud. Suddenly, he heard a sound from the back seat. ‘What the?-‘ He turned around to see the muka baby chewing on tufts of the seat foam.

Hey! Knock it off, buster!” He yelled as he took one arm off of the wheel to swat at the thing.

Suddenly, his car swerved. “Whoa!” Dave yelled as it went spiraling off of the road, towards an oncoming cluster of rocks.

Just at the last minute, as they were about to crash- Dave unbuckled his seat belt and leaped into the back of the Toyota. A few seconds later, the Toyota went through the rock cluster, coming to an abrupt halt in the middle of an oasis.

What the…?’ Dave thought, completely bewildered. ‘Where am I? More importantly, how am I alive?’ He thought as he felt his body.

Yep, no holes or injuries.” He said in relief, which soon turned to horror as he saw what was rapidly approaching in the distance.

Crabs.” Dave spluttered as he turned the key in the ignition. “Giant crabs. Oh boy-”

Cough, cough. Choked the engine.

C’mon!” Dave yelled.

Suddenly, just as the giant swarm of killer crabs was almost upon them, the car revved it’s engine and peeled out of the ditch in the oasis like a bolt of lightning was hot on it’s heels!

Yes!” Dave whooped as he, and the muka baby thundered off into the Cirrusian sunset.

Revised Edition 7/2/13


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