XI: Dark Tidings Abound

Dave awoke with a start. ‘Have I been reminiscing again?’ He thought. ‘Must have. Oh well, nothing wrong with that, I guess…’ He was about to doze off again and return to his fond memories of one of his first encounters with the muka and grand adventure through the world of Cirrus when he heard a loud Crrackk! emitted from something crashing through a window downstairs.

Startled at this completely unexpected turn of events, Dave thought, ‘Oh gee. I hope no one’s trying to rob me.’ As he walked stealthily down into the shadows of his foyer silently, he felt around for his mini Walther PK that he kept handy for such circumstances, and not wanting to have to harm anyone without fair warning, he said gruffly “Whoever you are, put your hands up! I’m turning this light on here, now… So just walk out slowly and don’t make any moves.”

This was, of course, said much more confidently than he felt at this point in time. Abruptly, he flicked the lightswitch on, and to his amazement saw a bundle that seemed to have been tossed through his window, not a robber.

Hmm… So this is what’s caused such a disturbance…’ He thought as he wandered over to the small wrapped up object. ‘I wonder what it could be…?’ He started unraveling the mesh containing whatever was inside.

Nothing malevolent, I hope. Had enough of that for a lifetime.’ He pondered as he took the breathing thing out. It was a baby!

But of what alien nature?” Dave thought out loud.

That’s what I was wondering too,” said a brisk, yet familiar voice from the other side of the room, coming from the one point of darkness in the whole of the foyer.

Startled, Dave whirled around and saw- Martin Repetto, his CEO.

“Crimey! You about gave me a heart attack, Martin! See, you’ve startled me so stiff I’m speaking like someone from a bloody Harry Potter movie!” He said in mock seriousness as he relaxed and set the gun on the table.

What are you doing here? And what’s this… thing?” He asked.

Martin, obviously conflicted as of how much to tell Dave said “So Dave, I understand you had an encounter with the Muka tribe two years ago, right? On one of your scouting trips when we last saw Cameron?”

Yeah, sure- but I already told you about that.” He replied. “So tell, me what does this have to do with any of that stuff? You already know everything I do about th- wait. That there looks like a-“

Martin held up his hand and interjected. “A muka scout. Yes, Dave. It is a baby one, so not so ferocious yet, as he’s been trained for two years by the best- Ashley in fact.”

Bewildered, Dave’s head spun as he steadied himself by placing a hand on the nearby doorjamb.

So what does this have to- how did?” Unable to clearly get his words out, he merely gestured at the baby scout.

Wondering how it got here?” Martin asked. “Well so were we, until we found the Generation Virus.” He said.

Whoa, hold on there a minute, boss. You lost me.” Dave said. “Start back at the virus part.”

Pondering what to say, Martin hesitated a minute, and then continued. “The Generation Virus. We found out about it two years ago- right after you returned spontaneously, in fact. There is a glitch in our game, Dave. We previously just thought your sojourn into the alternate dimension of Cirrus, which we accidentally created with the game if you remember correctly…”

At this point he stopped and looked at Dave to make sure he was following.

Yep, I do.” Dave said to reassure him.

…Well this glitch, it’s potentially deadly to the survival of our human population, and the whole Earth.”

With this, Martins stopped, taking a deep breath, then continuing, “It…well, think of it as a rip in the space-time continuum. It just builds, right? Well, here’s the problem: You came into Cirrus from Earth, right? Well, it’s not just one-way as we previously thought. No, the Muka can get through too. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, then hear this: not only can they get through, they are already through, and having already taken Cirrus over, now are practicing trans-world conquest and plan to invade ours next.”

At this, Martin stopped seeing the shocked look on Dave’s face.

Bad, isn’t it?” He asked rhetorically.

Clearing his throat slowly and mustering his resolve, Dave asked, “So how do we stop it?”

Revised Edition 7/2/13


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