VIII: Voices in the Dark

Dave woke up with another brutal bump on his head. ‘Wait… When have I been bumped on the head…? Must I…? Wha- I can’t remember my name! My… Hometown…! Or- anything…’ He thought desperately as he struggled with his bonds ferociously. ‘Bonds?!’ He thought. ‘Why am I locked up?! What could I have possibly done?! Wait- what if I’m some sort of psycho or criminal and they took away my- No!’

As he struggled outwardly with the chains binding him to the wall, as well as inwardly over who he was- Dave mustered up enough courage to call out; “Who are you?! Why are you holding me here?! What did I do?! Hello?”

Put off by no reply, he was about to hang his head in defeat when a voice rang out, nearly shattering his mind with it’s immense loudness: ‘DAVE.’

Glancing around nervously, he replied “Is that my name?” Somewhat timidly.

“DAVE.” Came the voice again.

Exasperated with the non response given he finally just agreed, “Yes?”


“No! I don’t even know who I am! Dave- I don’t know… Anything! Where am I? Who are you?!” He shouted out in anger.

Suddenly, the voice came again more urgently this time and softer too. “Dave, I am sorry I had to hurt you to bring you here, but I must tell you something.”

“Why should I trust someone who kidnapped me?” Dave yelled out into the darkness as it seemed to close in around him, pressing in on his very being.

“Dave. You must trust me. I am Linden.” The voice came again.

‘That name…’ Dave thought. ‘So familiar…’Okay, I’ll hear you out.” He replied after a moment’s thought.

“Good.” Linden said. “As you know, I created Cirrus.”

“Okay, sure.” Dave said.

“Please, do not interrupt- that was rhetorical.” Linden said, continuing: “You will not remember any of this later, but when you need it most- it will come to you.”

With that, the voice continued as Dave sat- spellbound, and listened all through the night and next morning. Then, upon falling asleep and waking up- he saw that he was still in his makeshift camp, having no recollection of the strange events of the night before…


Adz took a weary breath and slumped down on a small boulder nearby. ‘God. How far down does this thing go?’ He thought. ‘Surely it can’t be that much longer… to the village…’

Having seen a village the day before he had gotten his hopes up, which were now threatening to plummet into an even darker mood than before as he glanced this way and that and saw not a single sign of a village. After resuming his trot for another twenty minutes or so, he once more stopped for a breather and continued on in the same direction for another day.

That next morning, having slept long after yet another useless day of exploration he reached a crest in the hills and gasped in unexpected surprise as he finally saw the village he’d been so fervently searching for and raced down towards the open gates- only realizing his mistake when it was too late to turn back and hide…

Revised Edition 7/2/13

Further Revisions as of 5/1/17


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