VI: Rubble and Reverie

As they slept fitfully that first free night, Dave and Adz both had terrible dreams of death and destruction and saw possible futures as to what menace would take over Cirrus if they did not stop the evil Muka tyrants from enslaving the people of that land. As Dave saw in a possible fragment of the future, strange spacemen would come and battle the Muka, forcing the Cirrusians and Muka to take up arms together and fight off the menace.

‘What a strange turn of events… Could this actually ever happen?’ Dave thought. ‘Strange though it may be, it probably could in this world…’

When the two awoke that next morning, having barely slept at all, they were greeted by a peculiar sight indeed. There before them stood what was surely a mirage, as it resembled a small puddle of water with one exception: it was in the center of a wall. Glancing through but unable to see anything other than his blurry reflection, Adz brushed his hair back in nervousness and told Dave, “You gotta see this man. This is…crazy. You’ll never believe it.”

Upon tossing his pack on and grabbing a nearby chunk of rubble, Dave stepped forward and cautiously stuck the piece of rock through the portal-like space. It disappeared from his hand, and when he pulled it back out, the rock was gone.

‘Wicked!’ Thought Adz. Making eye contact and seeing the same thought in each others eyes, Dave and Adz took three steps back.

“Three… Two… One… RUN!” Dave yelled. The pair ran as hard as they could towards the translucent spot in the wall.


Ashley sat once more before her computer monitor staring aimlessly at the screen, not comprehending anything before her as her eyes drooped lower and lower and she threatened to topple over from the exhaustion of working through the night.

“Ashley… Ashley. ASHLEY!” She jerked up immediately.

“Yeah?” She said.

Her boss Martin Repetto, stood in the doorway. “Just checking on you. You look like you had a pretty rough night what with getting that new update out and everything… You okay?” He asked her with some look of genuine concern in his eyes.

“Yeah… sure. Actually it’s more than that.” She responded.

He turned away for a second and then came back and said, “It’s Dave, Cameron, and Adz isn’t it?”

“Yeah.” She replied.

As he walked back out the door, Martin glanced back and said, “You know what Ash? Just don’t worry- I’m sure they’ve got it under control. They’ll get back when they want to, you’ll see…”

All she could do was prop her head up with her elbow and say to herself, “Boy, I just hope he’s right and they’re not in some sort of tight spot…”

‘Where are you Cam?’

Revised Edition 7/1/13

Further Revisions as of 5/1/17


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