V: Certainty

Dave and Adz stopped. They could just glimpse the ancient, decrepit temple peeking over the horizon now. It was daybreak and the Muka had probably noticed their disappearance by now and had more than likely sent scores of their dog-like scouts out to hunt for them.

‘In that case, we’d better hurry!’ Dave thought. ‘Or maybe- just maybe, they have so many slaves and are so into their work that they haven’t yet noted the absence of two more and might not even care!’ He thought with rising hopes soon quelled by the braying and thrashing sounds made by what could only be vicious little scouts tearing through the undergrowth.

Yelling at Adz to make a break for it as they neared an outpost with very few guards, Dave ran back for his cobbled together pack of utensils, searching for the impromptu weapon that he had crafted from a sharp branch the previous night. Upon finding his makeshift shiv, Dave turned just in time to barely dodge a spear hurled by a pikeman some ways away and dashed off after Adz.

As arrows from unseen archers leapt past them, shaman blasts hurled by them and exploded meters away like bombshells, and spears fell short, Dave and Adz continued running, constantly aware of the fact that death was only missing them by mere inches.

‘Surely we can’t keep this up forever?’ Dave thought, panicking a bit before his semi-calm demeanor reasserted itself. “We’ve gotta reach that temple soon. C’mon!”

He grunted in pain as he tripped on a root and went tumbling down into a small gully. Adz turned, but Dave motioned him on as he got back up and kept running. Thirty seconds later the disheveled duo thumped the door to the gigantic temple closed and barred it just as the first axe sank into it.

‘This door won’t hold much longer…’ Thought Dave, although it was clear that Adz shared this thought. “We’re gonna have to make our way up to the top while we try to find some weapons to fight them off with or some way to elude capture or death.”

The two walked deeper into the darkness, not knowing what lay ahead but just hoping beyond hope that it wasn’t any worse than the certain death that lay behind them, beyond the barred temple doors…

Revised Edition 7/1/13

Further Revisions as of 5/1/17


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