IV: Escape Plans and Worried Friends

The next day, both Adz and Dave managed to get stationed beside each other during the brief lunch break given to all prisoners. For fifteen minutes, they sat at the table talking in a whispered hush and making rapid glances around to make sure all guards were out of earshot and none the bit suspicious.

Finally their plan was made: they would make a break for it Thursday night- if they had kept up with their time correctly and it was indeed Wednesday after all. Satisfied, each sat back in his chair and started to eat his food. Three minutes later the lunch break ended and they went back to the usual grind of spinning, tearing, pasting, spinning, tearing, pasting over and over again all day and even throughout the night as well.

Soon they would be free if all went as planned and maybe then they could even stir these other poor people and souls into open rebellion against the evil, tyrannical regime of their Muka Overlords


Ashley sat behind her desk in Buenos Aires and contemplated what to do since her friend and fellow co-worker Cameron had not returned from his trip with Dave to scout out possible LOTDs for their co-created universe.

‘Come to think of it- Adz hadn’t shown up either… Boy, Martin must be getting really upset since his head moderator has disappeared and made more work and complaints for him to file…’ Ashley thought to herself.

It’d been tough these past few days without three of Minor Studios’ best, but at least it would be another few months before they were hiring, so they had a chance to get back in time…

‘Maybe… Boy, I just hope they haven’t got themselves into trouble again like that time with the prototype spinning laser traps they were creating…’ She thought as she walked out of her cubicle and headed for Martin’s office.


It was just starting to get dark outside when Dave stuck his head cautiously around the corner, peeking about for any guards. Seeing nothing and nobody in the local vicinity or in sight, he gave Adz the all clear sign and raced around the bend to the nearest clump of ferns. After a few minutes of discussing possible avenues of escape with Adz and waiting for three guards to pass, they hurried on- aiming for the giant temple in the distance and hoping for the best…

Revised Edition 7/1/13

Further Revisions as of 5/1/17


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