II: The Tribulations Set In

At this very same moment incidentally, Adz found himself faced with a similarly bleak situation as Dave’s. Having secretly followed his boss and Cameron on their little trip, speculating and assuming that something just might go wrong as it usually seemed to, he had trailed at a distance and was both shocked and horrified when Dave and Cameron had collapsed to the ground- apparently at the same moment their bodies and spirits had disconnected.

Running towards them he blinked twice and rubbed his eyes, having then seen Cameron’s body turn to ashes. Horrified and puzzled, Adz crouched low and scooped up some of the remains of not only his, but Dave’s best friend and the community’s beloved hero- shoveling the contents of his shaking fist into a ceramic jar originally intended to hold salted jerky which had long since remained empty. Getting up once more, he felt a tingly sensation and as he glanced down, saw himself moving away from his body and towards a speck of light far off in the distance.

Surprised but not unduly shocked by this sudden turn of events, having already seen two odd things in the past few minutes, he faced the light he was heading towards. For an instant- or so it seemed, Adz blacked out. When he came to he found himself surrounded by many strange creatures of varying shapes and sizes, each apparently hailing from the same race of seemingly sentient organisms. Freaked out, he tried to run but found himself looking down the point of a very sharp spear that one of the taller, lither beings held and promptly sat on his haunches once more, having nothing better to offer up in response.


At that moment, Dave wasn’t faring much better. Having tried to reason with the strange aliens he had been unceremoniously beaten twice, tied up, and was even now being carried like a limp sack of potatoes across the broad back of one of the more ungainly, taller beings. Upon observing the tendencies and actions of the weird creatures, it seemed they were sentient- or at least semi-intelligent enough so as to know how to create weapons and fire, as well as how to react appropriately to pain and stimuli. They seemed to follow a traditional tribal point of view on most matters- much like olden tales of natives in the Americas.

They had a chieftan- or the big, boss-like creature wielding a mace that seemed to bully the others around; a healing man or shaman type wizened old creature wielding a brutally carved staff; a weapons-master holding not one, but two axe blades and often sending nasty glares Dave’s way; guards who carried some sort of pike-like or spear-like instrument; and last but not least, a sort of dog-like creature which seemed to scout ahead for the tribe, much like a bloodhound would on Earth.

Dave was especially terrified by the ‘scout’ which smiled, or more accurately grimaced up at him and eyed him like he was to be its next snack, and the wrinkled old medicine man who seemed to be truly in charge of things…much like an old conniving Vizier. Startled out of his deep thoughts and reverie by a loud array of curses and groans of pain as well as many loud agonizing thumps, Dave glanced at the door to a teepee-like hut they had just passed and barely had time to glimpse a shadow of a powerful and nasty looking implement coming down on some poor soul’s back. It seemed he was not alone here after all, at least as far as being a tied-up prisoner was concerned- but who was this other being and was he someone he knew? Only time would tell, and Dave desperately hoped he had some still left as of yet…

Revised Edition 7/1/13

Further Revisions as of 5/1/17


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