I: The Adventures Begin

It was an early morning on the ever-foggy and treacherous Mount Cyanide when Dave finally awoke. Having camped there the previous night, he was extremely groggy and slow to acclimate to his immediate surroundings- those being the dense foliage around which both he and his tent had sat throughout the night. Remembering suddenly where he was, he turned and sat up on the flimsy little bedroll that had been his sole comfort throughout the seemingly perpetual night, having spent it in the dreadfully cold little forest.

‘What am I doing here?’  Dave thought as he moved about, partially awake and aching. You may be asking yourself this very same question. Dave may not always announce everything on any of his classic JumpStart videos, but one of his favorite hobbies and most exciting pastimes is to scout out new locations for wonderful, groundbreaking LOTDs- or Levels of the Day,  in the community and overworld, and now was certainly not destined to be any different.

Looking around one final time, he doused his cooking fire which had been left to smolder overnight and hoisted his bulky daypack up onto his lean shoulders. Setting off at a very brisk pace, he made his way quickly and efficiently to the spot that he had scouted out painstakingly the previous day. Seeing the ruins once more brought on yet another vivid and fresh memory.

He and a friend- Cameron, had been looking around in the ancient albeit deadly Temple of Nazul, when the already old, decaying and unstable ground had collapsed right beneath their feet. Surprised and unable to react quickly enough to grab the crumbling ledge, they hurtled along faster than their minds could comprehend and were somehow inexplicably transferred from their bodies straight into some sort of alternate dimension. This may seem like an extreme turn of events, however that is exactly what happened. Thinking only that they had been knocked unconscious and were now a bit groggy and that their minds were making up strange sights and weird things, they traipsed onward. Little did they know, there was hardly a way out known to man or beast- the temple was a deathtrap.

That was when the fireball trap hidden behind an innocent looking tapestry struck fast, felling Cameron and then blasting a bit of masonry in Dave’s direction. Stricken with grief, Dave eventually continued on alone after having unsuccessfully tried to figure out a way to get his friend to come back, crying out into the darkness of the evil lair of who-knows-what forsaken beast- calling out in anger at the injustice and unfairness of it all; calling out and hoping for, but not expecting a response.

Naturally he was surprised when he got one. Nearly jumping out of his sodden parka, Dave hurried on ahead, hearing a familiar voice- Ashley, another one of his friends. It was very strange because he was almost sure she couldn’t possibly have been there…however he gave little thought to that before hurrying on ahead and being caught fast in a trap by strange, sentient beasts. Muka.

That was how the Muka trapped him. You see, Dave had stumbled upon the ancient Mukan civilization of Cirrus, through the portal from which he came- and that is how this story begins. Apparently, not only are Mukan Axe-Warriors adept with their twin hatchets, but also just as adept with the art of mimicry. That was how Dave had thought he heard Ashley although she was actually many miles away, asleep at that moment. Now the Muka had a captive and thus a new card in their hand, although for what intent and purpose only they could know… Strange- this was beginning to seem like such a vivid reality, and not a dream or memory at all…

Revised Edition 7/1/13

Further Revisions as of 5/1/17


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