ø: The Hidden Chapter


Dave waltzed into the DiY storefront for the first time that morning, and welcomed the air of creativity and imagination that wafted over him as he entered, which happened nearly every time he stopped by his new workplace. DiY (Do it Yourself) offered people the chance to express themselves through various means, as well as the chance to show their creativity and sheer brilliance via crazy designs and other scientific pursuits. Today though, there was something a bit different about the shop… He couldn’t quite place it until he spotted a familiar face peeking out from behind a column near the back row of benches in the main room: Martin Repetto.

Formerly, while Dave was the Creative Director for an online  game and game creation device/tool called Atmosphir, Martin had been the leader presiding over the Buenos Aires design team and counterpart to the San Francisco one directed by Halsey Minor and the rest of the Minor Studios and Minor Ventures crew.

Those times were well past however, as the game eventually grew to turn into new updates and led a different direction than previously planned. Now Martin headed up his own game production team- Black Pony, and was developing a game titled Voxelus– for its use of voxels, or pixel-like blocks and squares attached to a grid-based design field.

Seeing his old friend and fellow intrepid game explorer, Dave continued walking down the aisle until he came face to face with Martin. Not one for hugs or anything too extravagant, Dave and Martin both gave each other an awkward and short ‘bro-hug’ before shaking hands and catching up on new tidings in each others’ world.

Each learned about what had been going on the past few months that they had not already heard via the internet or other amazing resources, and also made assumptions about progress on each others’ various projects along the way.

“So I assume that Voxelus is going pretty well during development?” Dave asked once they reached a bridge in their conversation.

“Oh yes, its going great actually.” Martin replied enthusiastically.

Dave could tell that he couldn’t wait to share more about the game, but he had to go ahead and get to work overseeing some of the projects so he said, “Hey Martin, tell you what. I’ll call you later, I promise. I really have to go in and get started now, but its been great. Next time you’re around, come talk to me some more, okay?”

With a parting wave, Martin walked out of the shop and headed for his nearby car, a Honda Accord that he had recently rented for the few weeks that he was going to be in town. Getting in, buckling up, and driving off, he headed for his hotel and a meeting with some of his other developer friends and ultimately- trouble. Of course, he couldn’t possibly know this at the time.

While he and Dave and others had had quite a many misadventures in the past, none had been so crazy as that one concerning The Generation Virus– in which the whole of Atmosphir, which was actually discovered to be an alternate universe and reality running parallel with ours, and was almost destroyed… However, that is another story- for another time.

With these thoughts in his mind as well, Dave walked into the back room of the DiY and began his daily role as a look-outer for evildoers within the realm of the DiY workplace, aka the best place to be…


4 Hours Later…

Dave headed home quickly, after a pretty short day at work. The reasons for it brevity were still weighing on his mind, as the DiY shop had to close down faster than normal due to a mysterious fire alarm and false signal being broadcasted from their location to the fire department. This turned out to become an even broader scenario than anyone expected however, because it had actually turned out to be a cover for a break-in down the street. Some high-tech junkies and techies had decided to rob the local Game Store and had gotten away with one hundred and twenty copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary before anyone was wiser.

Disappointed that his generally stoic and calm workday should be interrupted by such a fit of shenanigans, Dave headed home in a fitful and frightful mood. Upon reaching his small apartment that he rented out in his spare time, he noticed two things- one: that his lights that were most definitely left off, were most definitely turned on, and two: there was a mysterious man sitting in his living room who bore a strong resemblance to Adam Jenson– the main protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

“Um, excuse me, but who are you and what the heck are you doing in my apartment?” Dave angrily asked as the man stood up and began to talk over him.

“My name is Adam-“ He began before being interrupted quickly by Dave yelling over him.

“Oh, please don’t give me that crap! I know you can’t possibly be from a game because that’s-“ He stopped before saying ‘impossible’, as he thought back to his secret adventures in the world and realm of Cirrus for the past few years, before it was unceremoniously wrenched from his grasp.

The mystery man finished for him, “Impossible? No, in fact- I think you’ve encountered others like me before, and I want to know what is going on.”

He menacingly took a few steps toward Dave, slowly releasing a baton from one of his sheaths across his back.

“Why was I taken from my world?” He asked as he took another step towards Dave, who was quickly reevaluating his situation. The thievery down the street from DiY and this must have had some strange connection…somehow…

“I assure you, I have no idea what is going on either, but together, we may be able to find out what is actually going on. We may be able to uncover the truth.” He said and Jenson stopped.

“You know what?” Jenson said as he put his baton away. “I think I’m beginning to like you after all.”

He held out a hand and said, “Adam Jenson, a real pleasure to meet you. Now lets go find out what’s going on.”


10 Minutes Later…

Martin’s phone buzzed, and the caller identification showed that it was from Dave. He thought about how quickly he was calling him back after talking earlier this morning, but simply put it down to mutual interests in Voxelus. He picked up the phone.

“Yes?” He asked before saying anything else.

The response he got shocked him.

“You mean there are more worlds like that of Cirrus? That’s… that’s… wonderful! But, could it be that one will eventually try to take over ours, again…?”

Dave continued speaking about the carbon copy of the hero from Deus Ex who apparently actually was the main character from that game and Martin was further astounded.

“Hold it right there compadre, and I’ll be right over.” He grabbed his coat and rushed out the door into the newly forming rainstorm…

Revised Edition 7/2/13


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